We are a service providing agency founded to bridge a growing demand for high quality merchandise in the Arab world, mainly in Northern Africa, the Middle East and the Western world. Nowadays we cover most of the world. We break barriers of language, culture, trustworthiness and business knowledge between buyer and supplier. Our goal is always to create a mutual win-win for all involved parties.

We specialize in larger quantities to service businesses, wholesalers, large factories, governments and subsidiaries. But we also offer our services to medium and small businesses, because we will never forget where we came from ourselves. Therefore the origin of our company name "Al Torath" which translates into "Heritage". With our multi-lingual team we can support your business in English, Arab, German, French, Dutch and a bit of Spanish and Italian.

For many years we traded directly from Egypt, mainly in products for the printing industry. Since early 2015 we are operating fully from The Netherlands in a new separate company which services not only the printing industry with all kinds of paper, but several products in the food and non-food industries.

We are seller mandate for refined Brazilian Cane Sugar in ICUMSA 45 and ICUMSA 150 as well as RAW VHP 600-1200 directly from the end seller. The sugar is available in white 25 kg or 50 kg bags as well as in 1 metric ton jumbo sling bags.

We can supply per 20ft. container (ca. 24MT) as well as in complete shipments of minimum 12.500MT to 500.000MT CIF ASWP on monthly contract with 2%PB or SPOT order and will be loaded in Brazilian Port Santos.

There is large stock available in a number of warehouses, or the sugar will be produced to order. Loading time is 20-30 days on average for IC45 and 30-40 days for IC150 and VHP RAW sugar after opening BG/SBLC/DPLC/MT103 banking instrument from any world top 50 bank. You can meet the seller, visit locations and be present at loading in Brazil as part of the buying process. Please inquire with signed and stamped LOI/ICPO from buyer’s side.

If you are searching for Refined Sunflower Oil, we set you up with the best deals with trusted suppliers for RFSO in PET bottles, cans, flexitank or ISO tanks. We deal with several resellers and refineries as to your request. We support sunflower oil from several countries of origin like Ukraine, Russia, Hungary. Bulgaria, South Africa, Malaysia, China, India and Egypt.

We deal in refined corn oil non-gmo origin Ukraine. This corn oil meets all international standards.

The most important ingredient for a successful potato harvest is to use a renowned quality seed potato which is suitable for the climate and soil at the cultivation location. We can supply the best of several types of Dutch quality Seed Potatoes for most typical locations in the world.

We service a variety of types of paper with offset paper, newsprint, A3/A4 copy paper, synthetic paper, sticker, envelopes, promotion and packaging. Whether you need reels, sheets or boxes, we can supply you for a very attractive price from many factories all over the world.

We service trade in Carbon Black Feedstock Oil (CBFS), also known as Catalytic Cracked Clarified Oil, Catalytic Cracked Slurry Oil or Slurry Oil from countries like Iran, Egypt and Russia/Ukraine for the global market to be used in the Rubber/Tyre industry. Volume is key in this market.

We can help to find the right product, for the right price and the best service for your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to inquire your needs with us.
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